“There’s one thing your writing must have to be any good at all. It must have you. Your soul, yourself, your heart, your guts, your voice. Dare to reveal yourself.”
– Elizabeth Ayres


Now is the time to find your Madwoman

Writing deep, dark, and daring

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.” – Anne Sexton
•  Desires no bullsh** healing, writing and freedom
•  She takes creative, imaginative and revolutionary risk
•  Expresses emotional intensity with sensitivity and generosity
•  Belongs to herself, her time and her voice

“It doesn’t matter what comes first, middle, or last. Tell the story. Even if no one thinks it is true. All the madwomen, the crazy women, the dark women, the holy prostitutes, the outcasts of society…these women are the legends of your freedom. I am an unmothered prostitute to the world. Who I am, who you are, lies in secret. This is not an awakening. It a reckoning!” – Marianne confronts Ruby in The Calling, by Marta Luzim

Writing like a Madwoman™ is more than a writing program

It is a life changing, creative, and emotionally charged healing process. I use story, memoir and deep self-inquiry as the container to evoke your personal story, hidden desires and explore trauma. Through writing, somatic experience and intimacy work, Writing like a Madwoman™ will guide your feminine process and free your creative voice, vision, consciousness, healing truth, and leadership.

The Madwoman guides you to DO IT LIKE A WOMAN

“We have all been traumatized, some more than others. Trauma is not special… it’s part of the lived experience.”  – William Smythe, MA

Now, more than ever women need Madwoman Writing and Healing. A time when history calls for woman’s uncensored voices. A reckoning for all woman to show up to DO IT LIKE A WOMAN. Chanting, I can do anything a man can do keeps women in competition with men’s values. Woman need to create their own myths, own values, and own visions.

Write Deep, Dark, and Daring

My program is provocative and ignites women who are ready to write deep, dark, and daring. Ready to tolerate the discomfort of chaos and the unknown. To write from gut and grit. Ready to break walls, secrets, lies, and family myths that distort honesty and trust. Ready to give up and let go of everything that weakens, rationalizes and waters down your voice. Ready to receive self-acceptance, self-love, and self-respect for your good, bad and ugly.

Madwoman Heroine’s Journey

Women who write their stories are the modern day scribes and storytellers and juicy wise women. Untold truths, silenced and shamed for generations, will find a strong, sacred and safe place participating in Writing Like A Madwoman™. You will emerge from story fog, uncertainty, the critic and fear to crystallize your most transformative story. The Madwoman will excavate, empower, and enlighten your artist’s voice as the storyteller of trauma.

Slowing Down to Heal and Feel

Commitment is the brick and mortar to stay in the emotional fire and write. Slowing down to hear, feel and tell your story takes time, tenderness and patience. Madwoman writing builds courage and vulnerability to walk the talk through the stages, feats, and challenges of no bullsh*t, uncensored writing.

“We hold these silences as a personal crucifix.”  – Terry Tempest Williams, When Women were Birds

“With Marta’s help, I have rediscovered my creativity, which in turn has given me the self-awareness and confidence to begin to develop “My” dreams and goals. Marta has a wonderful gift of connecting with people and making them feel safe. She has been a nurturing guide and an incredible support for me.” – Darlene W., New York, NY

Be brave and a warrior of the heart. Madness is the narrator to writing truth.

Come join me for an intimate and life-changing experience as we give life to your Madwoman.

Based on my signature process, Writing Like a Madwoman™ I offer four different programs designed to meet you where you are. You can read more about each program by clicking below.

I offer:

“Writing with Marta connects me to my creativity and my feminine, parts of me that I lost a long time ago.” – Peggy B., Pennsylvania