Now is the time to find your Madwoman

Brave women diving into their

Gut, grit and grace

To write deep, dark and daring

 Writing Like a Madwoman™

Is your story, your voice and your life


The Excavation into your Feminine

Is your journey and archeological dig into your body.

The deeper you experience into yourself,

The deeper your healing. 

You will experience your intuition, worth, compassion

tenderness, fierceness and integrate your psychic

knowing, psyche, emotional gifts and creative purpose.


Integrating Your Gifts

Reconstructing, reclaiming and re-awakening the

complex emotional mosaic of your child and your woman

will ignite your Sacred Madwoman.

Writing Like A Madwoman™ is a spiritual, mysterious

and creative dive into your heart, body and soul.

Slowing down to embrace your original, sensual

and primal nature, voice and vision is your story.

Writing Like A Madwoman™ is

every woman’s story of coming back to your feminine.