Marta’s inspirational talk at a women’s gathering

I have been working with women, families, and couples from every walk of life for over forty years. I have a practice as a Psychospiritual Therapist, with an MS in Counseling Psychology and BS in Education.

I have studied with master teachers of depth and Jungian psychology, Kabbalah, mythology, and mysticism. I am a Next Level Practitioner as a member of NICABM, studying with experts in the field of trauma. I am certified as a Kaizen creative coach, Metaphysician through Lao Russell’s Science of the Cosmos training, somatic body worker, emotional intuitive, breath worker, and intimacy trainer under the guidance of Doug and Naomi Moseley.

As an educator, I taught children through right hemispheric learning using imagery, mindfulness, and
creative processes. I taught third, fifth and gifted classes. After leaving the public school system I taught in colleges and libraries, holding workshops for teachers for Creative Learning and Consciousness to be taught in the classroom.

Maureen Murdock’s Heroine’s Journey, Linda Leonard’s Meeting the Madwoman, Clarissa Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves, Savina Teubal’s Sarah the Priestess and Lost Civilizations of the Matriarchs, and Charlotte Kasl’s Women, Sex and Addiction have had major influences on my work with women.

I am an expert on women’s issues, family issues, trauma, abuse, addiction, and recovery. As an artist, writer, and healer I advocate/pioneer work with feminine spiritual and creative processes to evoke women’s voices, visions, and healing.


My Journey

My first and fiercest calling was to heal myself. This led me to the wild, madwoman heroine’s journey.

For years, my deeper story was buried in trauma. I know the dark night of the soul, I have survived childhood abuse, chronic illness, PTSD, and mental illness. I have ebbed and flowed between creative madness, hungering for love and passionate for spiritual freedom.

My life has been a Heroine’s journey seeking and claiming love. My savior has and still is my creative nature, my intuitive intelligence, my feminine legacy, writing, and art.


Marta as Artist and Writer

I have written five books: The Calling, Heart of a Woman, Little Book of Consciousness, Conscious Companion, and Cry Kali, Voices From My Soul. I had two staged productions, Breathing Under Water in 2000 and Vows of Love in 2004. In addition, I produced a docudrama Primal Urgency. My paintings can be seen on the Gallery page. I’ve published articles on woman’s issues and creativity. I am President and founder of Give Her A Voice, Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit producing multi-media plays called The Telling, showcasing woman’s gutty, gritty stories of recovery from abuse.

The process of writing and healing is unique and intricate. An individuation practice that allows my voice and vision to integrate the complexity and contradictions of my life.

The remembrance that art is life. That life is messy. Art is messy. Life is imperfect. There is no either/or. Just and, and, and that leads to expansion. Shaping fragmented memories into cohesiveness piece by piece creates a real and imperfect wholeness into the core of my deeper story.

That is how I enter into my writing and art.


Signature Work Writing Like a Madwoman

My signature body of work, Writing Like a Madwoman™, emerges from my deep and intense focus on women craving a safe, creative and sacred emotional outlet.

As a sacred healer, wisdom guide, and creative muse, I help you explore what feels chaotic and misunderstood in your life. I listen deeply, observe and feel your story and the pieces that need to be discovered, expressed and released onto the page.

To tell my story of healing took me through the grief process and a rite of passage. I embody the somatic emotional intensity where the language of memories is recovered from my wounded heart and soul. I guide you through your grieving to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix with the depth, fierceness, and creative voice to write your story Like A Madwoman.

I’m an expert in tapping into the female voice calling forth your gut truth, shattering your emotional glass ceiling – where your gritty story is waiting to emerge. I help you weave the painful fragments of your life into writing deep, dark, and daring. Shame, self-judgment, and criticism are faced, felt, and healed with grace, love, and wisdom through the process of Writing Like a Madwoman™.

Are you curious about life as a Madwoman? Would you like to know how to express yourself deeply, creatively, and spiritually through the wisdom of your body? Are you ready for an inspired life that’s fueled by your inner fire?

I offer my signature process, Writing Like a Madwoman™  through my  Individual Work and Courses in addition to Couples Intimacy Work, all of which are designed to meet you where you are.

Come join me for an intimate and life-changing experience as together we give life and voice to your Madwoman.

You will take the lead and I will guide you in Writing Like a Madwoman™. We will be partners in your heroine writing.