Benefits of Writing Like A Madwoman™ Process


Focused Individualized Work Offering 6 Months to Year-Long Packages Including Personalized Packages to meet your Unique Needs


You can be a writer, memoirist, journaler…

or have never written before in order to take this course.

You move at your own pace.

The only requirement is your passion,

daring expression and truth

To thine own self be true






James Pennebaker, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, shows in his study “Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval,” that writing with deep feeling improves immune system function, decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases positive short and long-term mood changes.


This dynamic Writing Like A Madwoman™ process is designed to build a foundation to write your deep, dark and daring story. You will venture into, your journal-er, story-teller, and memoirist to face and embrace your demons and angels. Dive into your voice, fragmented memories, senses, emotions and body wisdom to excavate your “Wild, Uncensored Madwoman” story. You will emerge, heal and transform your life through Writing like a Madwoman™.

You Will Discover…

• Focus, voice, vision and freedom to write
• Mindfulness writing practice
• Intuitiveness–free writing your soul story
• Core of your story
• Your deeper story through feeling, sensing, imagery and metaphor
• Heightened creativity, self-awareness and purpose
• A deeper more spiritual perspective of trauma
• The emotional, sensual and embodied voices that write your juicy story
• Your Heroine’s Madwoman’s Journey
• Deeper empathy and your intuitive nature
• Your Madwoman’s psychic and psyche knowing
• Your boundaries and sacred space
• Your intergenerational legacy and inherited talents and gifts

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Benefits of the Writing Like A Madwoman™ Process

The Writing like a Madwoman™ process will ignite your deeper focus and excavate your wild voice. Deep reflection will guide your structure, plot and build the transformational arc of your personal story of complex trauma.

Trauma is in the body not the head. Your body will tell your story and heal your life. Writing like a Madwoman™ is your raw and gritty story of trauma and recovery. Writing like a Madwoman™ is your Heroine’s Journey.

To embrace and surrender to your uncensored voice invites your Madwoman to the page. Intense emotions will surface as you Write Like A Madwoman.

  • Every woman’s story has a touch of madness.
  • Every woman represses her madness in fear of rejection and shame.
  • Madness comes from unspoken trauma. Madness comes from silence.
  • Madness is the antidote to frozen creativity, voice and writing
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As you write like a Madwoman, your unique language, metaphors and images will elevate and individuate your personal telling. Through this wild writing you will bypass the critic, censor and conformist.

Writing like a Madwoman™ ignites memory and brings to the conscious mind what is hidden in the unconscious. This journey awakens the body to feel to heal. Healing is not a cure, it is a process of self-acceptance, self-love and self-respect. You will experience heightened creativity, deep feelings, awaken your psyche and self-awareness through this writing process.

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