The Trauma Continuum: Big T trauma, Little t trauma, and the Trauma Continuum

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Trauma: Frozen Moments, Frozen Lives By Gaetano Vaccaro, Ph.D. and Joni Lavick, M.F.T. From San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Summer 2008 Trauma can take many forms and occur at any life stage. The impact of trauma is especially pronounced in childhood. For children, … Continued

Is love enough to heal the inner child? Diving into the affects of childhood trauma: Part 1: A series

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“I find that the inner child work is a very important part of dealing with shame.”   Dr. Joan Borysenko, author, and pioneer in integrative medicine. I decided, in the wake of #metoo, the latest school shooting where I live, in Parkland, … Continued

Lunacy Game- What IF….

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What if instead of drugging,shocking and tying down our Mad Women, we put them in warm water naked as babies and got in there with them and cooed and encouraged them to cry great salt tears, to grieve the passing … Continued

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