Writing Like A Madwoman™ Upcoming Courses:

Writing Like A Madwoman™ is where you break the rules and allow freedom for all your feelings, healing, creativity, intuition and expression.Writing Like A Madwoman™ is the space where you fulfill your promise to embody your longing and desires. It is the quiet place where your inhale and exhale meet to listen to yourself. Where your resistance and desire become allies. Where your pain and joy become your inspiration, gut, grit and grace. It is where you commit to write, heal, and tell your deeper story.

“Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”    -Marilyn Monroe

“Our inner guidance directs us to hear what we don’t want to hear, feel what we don’t want to feel, say what we don’t want to say, see what we don’t want to see. We talk in generalizations in order to control emotions and thus lock up the free flow of experience.” – Right Use of Will


Module 1: Building your Madwoman Sacred Room 

Your Madwoman writing will be myth-breaking, thunder making, rain making, and drum beating, evoking you to rise up. She will actualize your senses to hear, feel, smell, imagine, taste and touch to feel into the discernment of each edge, feeling and need. She will free your voice, highest creative calling and wild emotional and spiritual guidance. Your boundaries will embrace, evoke and embody the myriad of emotions, memories, messiness and contradictions of your experience of Writing like a Madwoman™.

It is urgent to establish and a top priority to build boundaries in Writing Like a Madwoman™. It takes a lot of concentrated energy to write your story. To embody the intensity of feelings, practice compassion, and passion for holding your desire to tell your deep story takes determination.

To go to the dark, scary places it is important to understand catharsis, somatic expression, the practice of loving kindness, and creativity. It is how you dig deep and crack through layers of denial and defense. The cycle of survival and protection. It is telling and writing your story from the body, not the head. It is the way to your truth, vulnerability, and strength,

Boundaries lead to self-care which grounds your creativity and writing voice. Boundaries deepen your ability to stay in your body and set priorities of intention and commitment. It establishes focus and follow-through. Boundaries are the preparation to diving in to meet your Madwoman’s heroine’s story.


Three phases to building Boundaries

Sacred Madwoman Room: This private room is the place you set your intention and commitment to your writing and healing life. It is where you give yourself permission to be consciously selfish to your self-care, self-love, and self-expression. No one can enter this room when you hang up your sign, ‘STAY OUT, please’. Using your imagination, symbolic relics, aromas and scents and your favorite inspirational “stuff” is how you build this room. It is solid, earthbound and strong. It is Your Room, Your Place, Your Space. Now Go Mad with creative genius.

Boundary building establishes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual actions to heal through the strength of your energy and life-force. Through building inner and outer boundaries you dig your feet into the earth, your body into your heart and anchor yourself into the gut freedom of your glorious emotions, ideas, and story. Emotional and mental boundaries have permeable edges. That is because inner boundaries can change from moment to moment as your awareness, perspective, and insight shift. Your feelings and need will change as you grow.

Building a Container: You have a physical body and an emotional body. As I stated the emotional body is more the permeable energetic edges. The container is more physical and the brick and mortar of holding your emotional edges.

Both the container and edges are connected to your brain, emotions, and life-force. You have two brains. One is in your stomach, the other in your belly. When they are cut off, traumatized and detached by any negative event, all hell breaks loose in your nervous system; hence, anxiety, depression and chronic illness. Your emotional, gut brain is where you shut down and freeze up on painful memories. If your gut brain shuts down, your head brain goes wild with negative, abusive and judgmental thoughts. This is when your nervous system goes into trauma, flight, fright, and freeze. Any type of trauma, large, medium or small, shows up as bodily symptoms. Trauma is in the body. Trauma is a body memory, not a head memory. That is why in writing like a Madwomen coming home into the body is essential in order to write your deeper story. This is where you will take authority over your own experience, not matter what others say, do or think.

Building a physical and emotional container takes a lot of longing and desire to commit. It is how you build the strength that can tolerate any and all pain, contradictions and judgments. To allow for catharsis and healing a space to release. It is how you stop yourself from collapsing, attacking, blaming and staying in your victim child. This is a mastery building boundaries and a container. It is how you hold and express your emotional truth with respect, integrity, and courage.

This module we will explore the Madwoman sacred space, body and mind mapping, tracking a felt sense, practicing feeling, expressing and receiving, building boundaries/edges/discernment, your solid container, catharsis, what is a feeling, and your willingness to commit.


Module 2: Tribe and Roots

You are born into the world new and fresh—a blank slate, innocent. You also come from a tribe, a family, and a culture. Epigenetics is the psychology that points to proof that you are born with a past. This stage will dig and integrate who you are, where you come from and how you were affected by the epigenetics of your female lineage.

To understand your deeper, larger story is to connect with family rituals, history and heritage. You carry within your DNA a rich inheritance of time, place, talents, traumas, addictions, beliefs as well as spiritual inclinations, intuitive knowing and imagination.

You are born into the world new and fresh—a blank slate, innocent. You also come from a tribe, a family, and a culture. Epigenetics is the psychology that points to proof that you are born with a past. This stage will dig and integrate who you are, where you come from and how you were affected by the epigenetics of your female lineage.

To understand your deeper, larger story is to connect with family rituals, history and heritage. You carry within your DNA a rich inheritance of time, place, talents, traumas, addictions, beliefs as well as spiritual inclinations, intuitive knowing and imagination.

This module we will explore your generational legacy, complex trauma, abuse and addiction and their roots, your tribe’s myths and rituals, family patterning, cultural beliefs and the shame of not belonging and the belonging that binds you.

Module 3: Birth

“To reinforce the mystical teachings during the nine months that your mothers carry you in the womb, G-d assigns a special malach-angel to teach you what your individual soul is to learn. At the time of your birth, the angel taps your lips and you forget what you learned.” — Life is a Test, Rebbetuzin, Jungreis

You learn about who you are and your destiny from your family and your tribe. There is a metaphysical belief that you chose your family. Your Innocence of pain and pleasure is your holy birthright and organic at the time of birth. Love, hurt, pain, sadness, fear, joy, anger are all pure experience. Touch, time and attention are mandatory in order for the infant to blossom and feel safe with her body, skin, and bones.

This module we will discover how your malach and epigenetics influences: how, when, what, where and why you might have chosen your family for your soul to learn. How your cosmic birth and human birth is the story of your karma, dharma, past lives, maya and the chakra wheel that tells the story of your life’s lessons. You will explore your holy innocence, pleasure pain, touch, time and attention. The practice of multi-sensing and cross-sensing.


Module 4: Child

“You are always judging, shaming and neglecting the inner wounded child. She is the one who is unhealed. She is the one you blame. She is the one you need to learn to love.” – Marta Luzim, MS

The wild, creative child more often than not is repressed and guided in ways that cut off creative flow and action. This deprivation of organic creativity and emotion is where the wounding starts for the child. The child that grows up and has not addressed the ways she has been stifled and ignored shows up as a victim/victimizer in the adult’s relationships and career choices.

In Judaism, there is the myth of the Olam Tikkun. The cosmos exploded into an infinite number of sparks of light. Healing starts at birth. Healing starts with the wounded child.

The division of mind/body/soul before birth, at birth, and after birth. is the first betrayal (your Olam Tikkun), The separation from your mother’s womb, and then from your true self in order to become part of a family that may or may not affirm your existence is your initiation into your heroine’s journey. It is your first task, first rite of passage, first betrayal is the separation from the feminine and your female innocence.

Family beliefs, values and wounds are branded into your DNA by the time you are six. You assimilate, model, and imitate your family’s behaviors, actions, and feelings. As unbelievable as it might seem, a young 6 year old can decide to either give up/survive/or thrive. Your innocence, your pure primal raw experience – all your desires are sensitive and delicate when you are young—too big for a child to handle—you build thick defenses, rationales and denial. The unconscious split between your child and adult causes for many ills and fears in your life if left unhealed as an adult.

This module we will explore innocence and betrayal and what that has to do with your Olam Tikkun. The impact of the family betrayal to your feelings, the lies of your family myths. Your expression and receiving life in bounty or in lack. The impact of touch deprivation, emotional bonding, and disassociation.


Module 5: Teen

Stop being small. Sex is the feminine voice of God. It is primal, mysterious, erotic and creative. The senses, intuition, psyche, psychic, the body, and the earth. Wake up! The universe is one big orgasm.” – Marta Luzim, The Calling

Your teen years are rebellion years. The teen years is the time a young girl breaks from the traditional feminine and identifies with the power of the masculine.

It is the time of individuation and finding your own voice and path. Puberty, sexual desire, emotions, dreams, non-conformity or conformity, pleasure, pain have now built up in your subconscious.

Teen years are the time to individuate from the family based on the foundation of your childhood years. What is repressed, traumatized, forgotten, survived or encouraged will surface. Enemies and allies will bring you trials and tribulations.

Addiction preys upon the teen mind who does not know who they truly are. The shadow, what is hidden and numbed, will begin to emerge. This is a time to transform rage into passion by identifying the lies you were taught and finding your dynamic and unique story. The heroine’s journey begins with your: body, emotions, mind and heart.

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life expression. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Rhythmic Movement is the beginning of the spiritual form of instinct.” – Gabrielle Roth

This module we will explore your shadow, the attraction to masculine energy, puberty, sexuality, sensuality, and your animal nature. Relationships, rebellion, trauma/ individuation and the irrational is part and parcel of the heroines’ journey. The choice to own your authority of your experience. To write the conflicts, paradoxes, chaos and heartbreak of individuality.


Module 6: Mother

“Female energy with undeveloped male energy develops into a collapsed/victim expressing power through manipulation and rage. – Marta Luzim

The Mother is the mirror your self-image, self-worth, and self-respect. Mostly she has been allocated the model of caregiver, nurturer, and compassion. The shadow mother has been buried in the darkness. There are many unmothered mothers who as children were abused. Their model of mothering is distorted and stereotyped. A mother is a woman first. The woman is shaped by her childhood, society, and culture. The full story of a woman’s journey through the stages of child, teenager, young woman and then crone have been twisted and manipulated to fit into a male system. A system the women did not create and is antagonistic to her basic nature.

The mother is the first feminine to influence your psyche which is your soul. The mother teaches inner power, intuition, psychic knowing, vision and creative transformation. The “good mother and bad mother” are archetypes, not polar opposites. The mother is a woman who holds all of the feminine archetypes. Exploring the animus archetype (male energy in the female) and other archetypes will open a deeper understanding of the mother role.

Unhealed traumatized adult children (unmothered mothers, wounded fathers) develop the victim/victimizer pattern which shows up as borderlines, abusers, victims, chronic illness, addiction, co-dependency, depression, suicidal, amidst other spiritual, creative and mental maladies. Many of these states of mind have been misinterpreted and lack the compassion of the causes.

Here is where the story of the Madwoman is slanted. A new perspective is born when you explore how these “female” madwoman states hold your creative genius. Hidden within this madwoman archetype, Medea, Bad Witch, Schizoid, The bi-polar, borderline, depressed and anxious female is the creative, visionary, empathic and genius madwoman. As well as the nurturing/naturing, intuitive and compassionate mother. A complex terrain of the feminine lives within the mother and Divine mother.

For this and the following modules, the task is to fully engage the Madwoman archetypes. Medea, Cassandra, Good mother, Dark mother, and others. The feats that strip the fakeness of the “good mother” and guides her through the rite of passage into womanhood. You will explore the tasks that individuate you from the attachment to the “good mother” and “bad mother” and merge into the Madwoman genius and leader.


Module 7: Father

“Male energy without female energy emerges into an abuser/victimizer/controller expressing power through conquering and violence.” – Marta Luzim

Male energy has historically been a structured hierarchy. A caste system of who is better, best and in control. Woman have learned to take on the role of the “wounded male.” His need for power/control – validation/achievement, comparing, competition, judgment, creates an insensitive detached and driven perfectionism value system.

This causes the child to both cling and then imitate male power through aggression, seduction and emotional incest. (sexual co-dependency). Many wounded fathers develop an emotionally incestuous relationship with their daughters to fill the void of lack of mothering/fathering as children.

They unconsciously make their daughters their best friends, confidantes, and emotional partners.

In current pop culture psychology and spirituality, the story of Oedipus and Electra have been forgotten. Freud’s interpretation of a female’s penis envy, “A man is better than a woman,” has turned into “a girl can do anything a man can do” to prove a woman’s power. The need to do what a man can do is an extension of penis envy. This powerful psychological mantra is part and parcel of the oedipal complex and wounded mother. Doing it like a man in the world has been the ongoing cultural norm. Within each woman is male energy. Today, women no longer need to do it like a man. She can do it like a woman.

Women need to find their woman power and mother power through their voice, soul, and vagina, not by comparing herself to a man, but by exploring her body, emotions, soul as a woman.

This module we will explore your relationship with your father, patterns of power/control, self-esteem, emotional incest, competition, focus and follow through. Transforming old paradigms of male images, archetypes, stories, beliefs and power from within rather than power over. Penis envy and its stereotyping and influence of a woman’s power in the world is explored through the mother of the unmothered mother.


Module 8: Inner Child

“When bitten by a snake you are afraid of a rope.” – Talmud

Your inner child lives in every adult psyche. She exists in your memory, heart, soul and subconscious. At the same time, every child/inner child is an artist, instinctual, primal and emotional.

The inner child holds the wounded, shadow and magical/joyful part of your life experience. She is the imaginative child that survives the messy, painful and contradictory world of her parents. Mostly, the inner child’s needs and feelings are ignored and betrayed. As you mature, if the inner child’s trauma is left unattended she will play emotional havoc in your life. Until, one day, the child’s hurts, sorrows and anger crack through to your adult and your heart breaks open.

Everyone powers through the intellect to be an adult to protect and hide the inner child’s wounded feelings and needs. Everyone has shame around having an inner child and childish emotions. Discerning healthy feelings from the wounded child’s victim feelings is not an easy task.

Nurturing, acceptance, and compassion for all your feelings free you to express and heal the inner child.

Questions to ask: Who is your inner child? What is the unfinished business of the inner child? What are the consequences of suppressing the inner child? How does Writing like A Madwoman heal your inner child?

This module we will explore your relationship with the inner child and the victim/victimizer pattern. Discerning victim feelings from adult feelings. How the inner child lives somatically in your body and unconsciously in your psyche. Exploring the workings of denial, delusion, addiction and codependency as a result of unhealed trauma and abuse. How the inner child defends through power/control to feel safe. Stages of the maturation process. Growing an adult, compassionate witness, triggers that set off the inner child’s feelings of mistrust, protection, and defense.


Module 9: Daughter

‘The American poet Sylvia Plath (1932–1963) acknowledged that the poem Daddy (1962) is about a woman, afflicted with an unresolved Electra complex, who conflates her dead father and derelict husband in dealing with having been emotionally abandoned. Her biographers noted a psychological irony about the life of the poet Plath: she knew her father for only eight years before he died; she knew her husband for eight years, before she killed herself. Sylvia substitute’s father, psychosexually is apparent when she addresses him (the husband) as the “vampire father” haunting her since his death. In confusing father and husband as one man, Sylvia Plath indicates their emotional equality in her life; the unresolved Electra complex.’ Sources: Van Dyne, Susan R. Sylvia Plath’s Ariel Poems; Plath, Sylvia Daddy

The anima archetype finds expression as the feminine in a male personality. The father needs to develop his feminine counterpart in order to build a daughter’s self-esteem. Emotional availability, empathy, vulnerability, strength, and power from within need to be taught by the father. Emotions, vision, spirituality, creativity, follow-through, actualization and leadership values need to be aligned to the daughter vs. power over, control, winning, and being at the top.

This module we will explore desire, complexes, compulsion, incestuous love, sexual addiction, false female personas, being like daddy, daddy’s girl, creativity, leadership and the madwoman genius.


Module 10: Woman, go find your woman

The madwoman’s heroine’s journey is to find the balance male/female energy. This is a new paradigm that drops your woman into the fertile void–A place of mystery, the unknown and where new visions and creativity actualize.

The fertile void is like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, Ianna’ descent and where the madwoman takes hold of her power. Confusion, conflict, contradiction and emotional chaos exist in the fertile voice. It is a time to examine what is not working in your life anymore. It is the time to “not know” and not fix, analyze or think. It is a time of surrender, mystery, truth and faith. The more you push against this irrational state of mind, the more you fight the unknown, the more it will fight back.

Now more than ever, in this time of resurgence of the patriarchal paradigm, woman need to awaken and take the madwoman’s dive into herself and find her genius.

This module we will explore the feminine/heroine mythic stages, fertile void and descent into the feminine. The Life/death/rebirth cycle, grief process, letting go, (Luzim’s 9 Stages of Grief,) and loss of the feminine. Your story of your dark night of the soul. You move deeply into sexual addiction, seduction, co-dependency and how it affects your creative process, sexuality, choices your spirituality and deeper story We will explore why the patriarchs were terrified by the ancient matriarchs and how that has affected who you are as women today. New Woman’s rights Writing like a Madwoman and Freedom. The stage for Madwomen’s emergence, voice, and message in your life.


Module 11: The Feeling, Living, Breathing Madwoman and her Medicine Bag

Your Madwoman is a coming home to your heart and soul. It is the divine marriage of eros and psyche, heart and soul and male and female energy.

Divine knowledge becomes self-knowledge through the living of love and intimacy through the human experience. Making the way into the world as the warrior loving woman in charge of her life is the message for the new revolution.

Transformation of the wounded victim/victimizer is an ongoing recovery for the feminine. Strength, vulnerability, and determination are the resource the Madwoman needs in order to evolve. Digging into the intricacy of intimacy, grieving back your aliveness, learning to give and receive, and being in the moment shapes a woman’s creativity, healing and powerful story.

This module we will delve into deeper layers of intimacy, myth, and complex family patterning. Exploring your unique heroine’s journey. Shaping your visionary, creative and healing powers, your body map, body wisdom, self-knowledge, and divine knowledge. Finding your feet, voice, and eyes in the world. Writing with guts, grit, and grace. Actualizing love and truth. Explore giving/receiving, touch, and attention to the present message emerging from your Madwoman.


Module 12: Full Circle

Every woman’s story is biblical. Creating your personal mythology is your madwoman’s heroine’s story. Memoir writers are today’s modern day scribes. It is time that the female voice wrote her spiritual journey which is her personal, dharma, karma and destiny. It is her birthright to tell, share, show and blow out the current status quo.

Turning points in your journey are epiphanies of change. An epiphany is an instant, bolt of lightning of awareness. AH HA!! However, awareness does not always create instant change. Epiphanies set a vision of action, follow through, commitment, faith, tolerating pain and discomfort as well as huge joy. Anchoring into the Madwoman‘s fierce ambition and desire to feel everything, express with meaning, and transform with purpose is her deep longing to be authenticated in her own life and the world.

This is the time to practice self-forgiveness. A process that involves stages of grief, acceptance and what and how you can begin to put into actualization your unique vision for change. There is no one way to forgive. It is created in the moment, taking responsibility for your own feelings, thoughts, and actions.

This module we will explore the Madwoman Writer and Heroine’s Journey, Turning points, and Epiphanies. You will gather your Madwoman’s wisdom writing, weaving the pieces into your personal story. Step by step you will organize the puzzle pieces of your Madwoman journey and write your deeper story. YOU WILL CLAIM FULL AUTHORITY OVER YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A WOMAN and THE PRACTICE OF FORGIVENESS.

Here is where your young self, witness-self, and adult become the story teller. Here is where the Madwoman is now yours as your soul’s voice and brings your creative message, vision, and power into the world.