Creativity and Confidence

“Working with Marta has helped me begin to love myself again. When I started seeing her, I had been completely shut down and paralyzed by fear. I was so stricken with fear I could not imagine the possibility of accomplishing something for myself rather than just to please others. With Marta’s help, I have rediscovered my creativity, which in turn has given me the self-awareness and confidence to begin to develop “My” dreams and goals. Marta has a wonderful gift of connecting with people and making them feel safe. She has been a nurturing guide and an incredible support for me when i felt I had no one else to turn to. I am so grateful that I have begun embark on this journey with her as my real life angel. I am blessed to know her.” 


— Darlene W. New York, NY


Changed Patterns

“As a therapist, I understand the value of working with a skilled professional who can move you in directions that lead to emotional healing and changed patterns. Marta’s unique and responsive orientation towards the therapeutic process has allowed me to experience truly significant change and positive movement in my life. This isn’t regular “talk therapy”, this is intensive. Under her guidance and support, I have never worked harder to achieve my goals. Marta is a most caring, wise, intuitive therapist who deserves more accolades for her work than I can possibly describe.”


— Roni L., South Florida


Reclaimed Feminine and Purpose

“I started working with Marta four years ago and at that time I felt stuck…stuck in my job, stuck in my head, stuck in my life. I had tried many traditional methods of coaching and counseling and they no longer worked for me. I was approaching fifty and could not see a way out.

From our first session, I could tell that Marta’s methods were different from others that I have experienced. She created the spiritual space that I needed to heal from the trauma I experienced as a child. She helped me to recognize all of the conflicting parts of myself and integrate them back in to my whole person. Through my work with Marta, I have been able to reclaim my feminine and to find my creativity and sense of purpose in life. My experience with her has been life altering.”


— Peggy B., Pennsylvania


From Trauma to Thriving

“When I first started to work with Marta, I felt very lonely. I was extremely unhappy and I definitely wasn’t taking care of myself. From how I managed my money down to my hygiene and how I dressed. I was also extremely confused! I had days where I felt elated, full of energy, followed by weeks of where I wanted to do nothing except lay in bed. Was I bipolar? Depressed? Crazy? I sure did feel like it when I wasn’t faking otherwise! Why was it so hard for me to care about anything? When I met Marta I knew I would like working with her immediately! She radiates warmth, wisdom, and her intuition cut through my BS with laser surgeon accuracy! (it still does!) Through working with Marta I realized my bipolar type behavior was coming from PSTD of an abusive childhood that I had downplayed and minimized over the years. Marta is a brilliant teacher! Each session she teaches me about the effects of my abuse and family patterning. Each time I learn more and more about my trauma and how it plays out in my everyday life. I started to see and understand how my fear of confrontation, fear of intimacy (not just in relationships but in friendships too), and my inability to treat myself with respect and love comes from my trauma. It is hard work! It is not easy and there are times I wanted to quit. Then I think about how I’ve changed. How I am changing! I think about how I am starting to finally speak up for myself, how I realized I don’t need to walk around with a whole tough chick badass attitude and that a good cry actually really does feel amazing! But the most important lesson I am learning from Marta now, is that no matter how much pain and trauma I came from, my abusive family does not tell me who I will be for the rest of my life. I can make a different choice! A healthy choice, a loving choice! Marta is teaching me how to make those choices, what they look like and what they feel like. She is teaching my soul how to truly live! Her encouragement and compassion help me find my strength when I feel hopeless. I don’t even want to imagine who I would be without her in my life! I am blessed to know her!”


— Marie D., New York, NY


A Juicier Marriage

“I would certainly say that her work is very different than what an individual would receive in a traditional therapy session. Marta’s work is something, in my opinion, should be the wave of the future in assisting individuals deal with the roots of their issues. Understanding, dealing with and cutting out “the cancer” instead of medicating the symptoms. Marta’s unique type of therapy is allowing me to get to the real issues that have affected my life and relationships. It is about knowing who I am, growing up, feeling emotions, expressing and dealing with my relationships in a healthier way. She is a “master” at what she does! I always walk out with a “WOW” – totally amazed at what I learn about myself! Marta is an expert when It comes to personal relationships. I recommend anyone that desires a more fulfilling marriage seek Marta’s type of therapy.”


— Natalie C., Phoenix, AZ


Complete Turnaround

“Working with Marta has completely changed my life. When I started seeing her, I had been waitressing for ten years and hated it, I had barely any relationships with my family, I was having paralyzing panic attacks every time I left the house and overall I pretty much felt as if I were slowly going insane. I now own my own home, I have a successful career, my relationships with my family and friends have grown immensely and I’ve found my creative passion and drive for photography that I had lost long ago. Marta possesses deep wisdom, Intuition and warmth. Her guidance is nurturing and creative, and her insights never cease to amaze me. I’m so happy and grateful that she came into my life. The whole world could benefit from the lessons she has to teach!”


— Lisa S., Miramar, FL


Taking Responsibility

“Since I entered my early retirement years with some frustration and anger, I was fortunate to experience a competent healing therapist. Marta Luzim helped me to recognize and accept responsibility for many of my unproductive behaviors and feelings toward myself and others. Apparently, much of my early childhood unresolved conflicts with my parents were not entirely buried or forgotten and they continue to impact my life. However, I believe that the quality of my relationships with my family and friends has significantly improved as a result of the insights and tools Marta has provided me. For this, I am particularly grateful to her.”


-Bruce F., South Florida


Accepting Myself

“Marta has a tremendous gift. With her guidance I have learned to accept myself, to love myself, and to heal myself. Changing my patterns was one one of the most difficult things to accomplish, but with Marta’s compassionate teaching I have made some authentic positive life altering changes. That is no small feat. I have been blessed to have had her a part of my life.”


-Howard W., Africa


Finding My Creative Process

“I am truly amazed how quickly and strongly my personal transformation began. Ironically, I am a traditionally trained artist, but all my work came from my head instead of my heart and soul. I am now working to find my own creative process and I am already seeing the difference. I am so grateful to Marta for her care and guidance. I wish I had met her years ago!”


-Deborah K., South Florida


Knowing Myself

“I think you are the reason I ended up in Fort Lauderdale after leaving Sweden…The work that I have done with you has changed me as a person forever. When I left home I knew that I was missing something but I didn’t really know what…I had lost myself, but with your guidance I now know my real self. I was cold before, but now life is more…”


-Hannah E. Ft. Lauderdale, FL


More Meaningful Relationships

“Since Marta Luzim became my teacher I have undergone a number of changes that are improving the quality of my relationships. At first I was unable to recognize the defensive patterns that I had locked into my internal being that I used to protect the inner child. Today, I am more aware, more able to enter into deeper friendships and more meaningful dialogues with everyone. I have also come to more easily recognize when I become cold or hidden from myself as well as from the public. This frees me to let my outer self match my inner self. Today, I feel more beautiful externally, and more secure internally.”


– Sheila F., South Florida