WLAM Packages

How I Can Work With You

  • First step schedule a 30 minutes Wlam free readiness consultation
  • Second Step Fill out preliminary questionnaire and return for consultation. This will determine if you are ready to begin WLAM process.
  • Third schedule a 2 hour memoir foundation and evaluation session to choose packet best suited for your writing journey
  • Fourth Committment to focus, length of package and begin to write memoir


2 Hour Preliminary Session

  • Receive the WLAM manual, Mindful Madwoman meditation, Start where you’re at form and Prep form
  • Evaluate, design, and choose the best package/program for you
  • Personal processing, the understanding of your trauma, the story that you want to focus on
  • What you need to learn in crafting your story, and how to excavate, inquire and create boundaries around the time spent writing and healing


This is a very intimate, intricate and intense writing process that will change your life.

You have many stories to tell, but we can only tell one story at a time. Focus, self-inquiry, and emotional expression will tell you what story wants to be told first. In addition, there are various levels of WLAM writing programs, so together we will decide which one is the best one for you to start. Craft and finding your voice in your personal story is your Heroines Journey into healing and writing.

WLAM is a writing, healing and therapeutic process. It is very deep and intense. Memoir writing is more than just writing your story. It is self-reflection, recovery and self-discovery. You will need to explore the many personal challenges and aspects in your current life that sabotages and limits your desire to write.


Wisdom from Mark Matousek, transformation writing coach, memoirist and teacher:

  • Telling the truth brings up resistance and fear.
  • Target questions and answer deeply.
  • Don’t try to answer as quickly as possible.
  • Pay attention how you feel when you write.
  • If you feel tension inquire into the tension.
  • If you are numb, what is the risk you are not taking?
  • Writing is half the process. Read what you write.
  • Include thoughts and feelings about material you are writing.
  • You are not just reporting.
  • Allow confusion, uncertainty and messiness on the page.
  • We are looking for honest exploration.
  • Self-inquiry is about one question leading to another.
  • Let other questions to arise…answer them at a later time.
  • Allow the writing, your reactions and responses to deepen the inquiry into what is emerging from you.


Packages and Offers

  • Monthly – for those wanting self-inquiry and self-exploration through journaling, prompts and narratives
  • Three month – for those wanting to focus and explore in a particular personal topic and deepen self-understanding
  • Six month – extended personal writing and healing choosing more than one focused area. Building foundation, exploring voice and deeper story,
  • Yearlong – For those wanting to complete a messy, first rough draft memoir, deep healing, writing, and evolutionary shift.

Healing is nonlinear, non-verbal and emotional. It is not about cure. It is about total self-acceptance.

Below are three package options to review for your WLAM process. Discussion of fee will occur once a comprehensive package of three, six month, or yearlong is chosen.

Decide what you need and desire at this time. Meditate on the intensity and level of your commitment, intention and needs for your writing and healing.


Included in all Writing Like A Madwoman™ programs:

  • healing
  • writing
  • self-reflection
  • self-inquiry
  • emotional excavation
  • creative/spiritual breakthrough
  • transformation


Madwoman Writing Program is a sacred space for:

1. Madwoman writing through emotional chaos to find your voice(s)
2. Self-reflection and transformational arc of story
3. Deep processing, self-reflection and self-inquiry
4. Writing scene work
5. Learning the difference between Story and Situation,
6. Identifying theme, patterns and deeper story
7. Ongoing email dialog/support to stay on track
8. Prompts for continuous exploration, self-discovery and self-inquiry
9. Continuous story development through notes and prep forms
10. Recordings for all coaching calls
11. Inspirational poems, articles, writing resources and book recommendations
12. Building a writing container in slow doable pieces.
13. Learning about your transformational arch and survival defenses.
14. To gain a sense of groundedness and well being
15. Building a container to hold the intensity of your emotions and memories
16. To write, excavate and discover your deeper hidden story.
17. Self-care, self-acceptance, mindfulness practice, somatic body work and self-validation


Layers of exploration for your core, deep and daring story:

  • Transformational arc (self-reflection and healing) recovery story
  • Boundaries and sacred space..
  • Commitments and intentions
  • Inner Child work and family of origin patterning
  • Sub-personalities hidden in psyche -myths, roles, and archetypes
  • Addiction and Abuse
  • Codependency
  • Chaos, Desire and the Shadow Work
  • Fragments, pieces and poetic voice,
  • Shadow feelings writing
  • Story of Flight, Freeze, Fear
  • Radical self-acceptance and self-forgiveness
  • Recovery process and grief process
  • Family and epigenetic (generational) patterning
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Tracking beliefs, feelings and thoughts that create story


Package #1 Monthly fee: $897.00

Ready and willing to get messy, emotional, creative and dive deep into your story

  • 3 coaching sessions a month, 75-minute sessions
  • 2 deliverables, notes and comments
  • Working with WLAM manual
  • Prep and Post forms re-evaluate and integrate your story
  • Email support for continued story development
  • Deep processing for healing
  • Completion of first rough draft healing memoir
  • Building boundaries and sacred space
  • Inner child and trauma work
  • Recordings of coaching calls


Package #2   Monthly fee:  $797.00

Ready to Focus, explore, inquire and self-reflect on a particular time

  • Two coaching sessions a month, 75-minute sessions
  • 2 deliverable, notes and comments
  • Prep and Post forms to organize, re-evaluate and integrate your story
  • Email support for continued emotional inquiry and story development
  • Deep processing for healing
  • Writing to heal and explore
  • Madwoman writing to find the voice(s) of your transformational arc
  • Deep self-reflection and healing work
  • Recordings of coaching calls
  • Working with WLAM manual
  • Charts, prompts and education and inspired writing.
  • Writing Fragments as your deeper story and healing
  • Inner child work and trauma work
  • Boundaries and sacred space


Package #3   Monthly fee $497.00

Ready to Inquire, Explore and journal write through prompts and inspiration

  • One 90 minute session a month
  • One deliverable with notes and comments
  • Deep processing for writing to heal in session
  • Recordings of coaching calls
  • Prep form and Post form to organize, re-evaluate and integrate your story
  • Working with WLAM manual
  • Email support for continued emotional inquiry and story development
  • Writing to heal through fragments, poems and shadow feelings
  • Inner child and trauma work
  • Boundary and sacred space


Year long program and Three month commitment: Choose Your Module(s) – Fee to be discussed

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Excavate Your Madwoman

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”   – Dr. Maya Angelou

  • You desire authority over your emotions, experience, and creativity
  • You dream of freeing your voice to tell your story
  • Your imagination and curiosity calls to reveal the deeper parts of YOU
  • Your gut wants to meet your Madwoman’s writing genius

“Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”    -Marilyn Monroe

“Our inner guidance directs us to hear what we don’t want to hear, feel what we don’t want to feel, say what we don’t want to say, see what we don’t want to see. We talk in generalizations in order to control emotions and thus lock up the free flow of experience.” – Right Use of Will

Your Madwoman Program Includes:

Writing Like A Madwoman™ is where you break the rules and allow freedom for all your feelings, healing, creativity, intuition and expression. Writing Like A Madwoman™ is the space where you fulfill your promise to embody your longing and desires. It is the quiet place where your inhale and exhale meet to listen to yourself. Where your resistance and desire become allies. Where your pain and joy become your inspiration, gut, grit and grace. It is where you commit to write, heal, and tell your deeper story.

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